Plating Guidelines for Dessert Sauces

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Sure, you may have the chops to create one delicious dessert. But today, good creative presentation takes you a lot further than that slice of diner apple pie. If you put the whipped cream, mint leaves, assorted berries or sauce in the wrong place, your delicious dessert just became a delicious disaster. The plating may not be as important as the food itself, but it comes pretty darn close. You won’t see a Michelin star restaurant with a sloppy presentation any day of the week. And even from the highest rated to the little place around the corner, you’ll see elements of presentation in almost everything you eat, from a simple piece of chocolate to a bowl of soup garnished with parsley and crackers.  Lucky for those of us who may not be as creatively inclined, it can be broken down to more of a science than an art.

In this online pastry course with Chef Susie, she teaches you how to turn your sauces plating miseries around so you’re desserts look just as good as they taste. By breaking down everything she says in the video and showing you how it’s done, say “goodbye” to all of your plating disasters.

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