NYC’s Hottest Young Chefs

There’s no doubt that New York City is one of the culinary academy capitals of the world. With streets full of restaurants, loads of cultural diversity and incredibly talented cooks all located in the same hub, the Big Apple gets more than its fair share of accolades when it comes to cuisine.

Although veteran chefs like Tom Colicchio and Anthony Bourdain are well-known in the five boroughs, a new generation of hot young chefs fresh out of international cooking schools are ready for challenge of creating innovative and refreshing menus. Some of these individuals are even earning a Michelin star or two. This city may not sleep, but it definitely knows how to eat.

“I see the next generation of chefs forging their own paths and expressing their individuality,” Justin Bogle, chef at Gilt restaurant and one of the youngest in NYC to receive two Michelin stars, explained to the New York Daily News. “Taking what we have learned from the generations before us and respecting that but at the same time setting ourselves apart.”

Some of the best advice that Bogle gave to promising young chefs like himself was to be patient and keep cooking to build a refined palate. Living in the moment was also recommended when it comes to preparing menus. Bogle, for example, typically only thinks about his menus 10 days in advance, according to The New York Daily News. This helps foster creativity and allows for the freshest possible ingredients to be incorporated into the dishes. The New York Times reports that Bogle is set to become the executive chef at a new American restaurant opening this fall.

Into the baking & pastry arts? Keep your ears open for the name Katzie Guy-Hamilton, one of the most talked about pastry chefs in NYC. Although her beginnings were humble when she made desserts in her home kitchen as a teenager, Guy-Hamilton took her skills to the next level when she joined a prestigious pastry program. After a stint in California, she took her love of desserts to New York to help open Breslin at the uber-posh Ace Hotel.

Another prominent chef in NYC is Stephen Collucci, who at 27 years old is now working under Tom Colicchio, one of the judges on Bravo’s “Top Chef.” His success in the city is accredited to “working his tail off,” according to the New York Daily News, but the extra sweat lead him to be head pastry chef at Colicchio & Sons.

Taking these success stories into consideration may help inspire your own goals as a burgeoning chef. If they can do it, so can you!

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