Keeping Up With: Wine, Chefs & Staple Items

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Top 5 Summer Wines
Once the weather warms up and patios get into full swing, many diners and students taking online chef courses are ready to raise a glass or two. Whether you want to be budget-friendly with your purchases or choose a vino that will really knock your guests’ socks off, there are plenty of options for sensational summer wines. [Read More…]

Staple Items For The Baking & Pastry Arts
Want to become a master in the baking & pastry arts, but are unsure of how to get started? Mastering cooking basics is important, especially when you are just beginning simple recipes. However, the ingredients that you keep in your pantry and fridge are incredibly important too. When it comes to pastry chef training, you will [Read More…]

Escoffier Chefs Cook For Those That Serve Our Country
Team Escoffier Makes World Dessert Record Serving The Most Peach Melba. Happy 4th of July from our chefs at Escoffier Online! This holiday Chef Mark Dowling and Chef Susie Wolak visited the Naval Station Great Lakes to cook for those that serve our country. [Read More…]

Meet Your Mentor – Chef Michael Zema
With our culinary and pastry programs being 100% online we think it is important for you to learn about our chefs. Escoffier Online wants you to meet your chef instructor, Chef Michael Zema. Chef Zema served as the Program Director and Culinary Professor for 28 years at Elgin Community College. He was the recipient of the Chicago Tribune Good Eating [Read More…]

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