New York is offering Mexicue cuisine

Fusion cooking is a fun way to mix and match favorite flavors while attending culinary academy. Typically, fusion dishes will take the native foods or cooking techniques of one region and combine them with the culinary traditions of another. Fusion restaurants are very popular in major metropolitan areas with people who are hungry for something new.

The most common combination would probably be a mixture of European and Asian recipes, but the sources don’t have to exist on different continents, they can be from anywhere. You might see a combination of Italian and Irish dishes or Russian and Chinese. There is a restaurant in New York that combines traditional Mexican dishes with American style barbecue.

The History
Mexicue had its start in a food truck, a type of food service famous for offering unique cuisine, and Mexicue was one of the original purveyors. The New York Times reported when Mexicue first rolled out its truck in 2010, it was one of only two in its territory. The next year, there were over 70 competitors. While the food truck was doing well, increased competition and tighter city regulation on mobile vendors prompted the founders of Mexicue to open their first brick-and-mortar restaurant. In 2014, the revenue for that restaurant was over $6 million and the company has since opened two new locations.

Mexicue was founded by David Schillace and Thomas Kelly. The New York Times stated Schillace quit his corporate job and cashed in his 401 (k) so that he could go into the fusion cuisine business. Kelly is the chef behind the menu, he has been cooking since he was a child and has always loved experimenting with different combinations. He settled on Mexican and classic Southern barbecue because it is a mixture of two of America’s favorite comfort foods.

A Menu
NY Eater listed some of the menu items available at Mexicue. It offers traditional Mexican and BBQ dishes with unique sides such as a burrito served with a side of grits or brisket accompanied by chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes. The main attractions though are the dishes that work with the flavors of both styles of cooking. In an earlier review, the New York Times was particularly taken with the the cherry-smoked chicken slider topped with roasted poblanos and tomatillo sauce and the barbeque beef tacos covered in cilantro and goat cheese.

The fusion doesn’t end at the kitchen, the bar offers a variety of combined cocktails. The Village Voice recommended patrons enjoy the smoky margaritas that are prepared with mole bitters and feature a chile salt rim.

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