Naturalist Plating

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When you get down to it plating isn’t just plating. It’s an art form, an entirely different part of cooking that can leave some diving in and others scratching their heads. There’s minimalism, artistic, modern and what we’re here to talk about today, naturalism. Whereas it may be easier to pick out an impressionist painting from an abstract one, plating is slightly different. It can be difficult to differentiate between some of the different types but that’s what we’re here for. To plate like a naturalist is to design it with the natural elements, textures and flavors of the food in mind. Probably won’t have anything flower shaped on your plate unless it’s an actual flower, sort of thing. That’s definitely not to say it requires little effort and looks sloppy. No, no that’s definitely not the case. It can be one of the most time consuming and complicated ways to plate. If you think about, it takes a good amount of thinking and creativity to really think of how your ingredients not only feed into each other and the dish but their own natural elements. Thus is the complication with this plating style. But don’t fret, we’re here to show you that with a little knowledge and a number of tips, you can be creating beautiful works of your own naturalist food art.

In this online cooking class, we explore the intricate and visually pleasing plating style called naturalistic to enhance all of your meal styling techniques.

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