Nate Robinson opens restaurant in Rainier Beach

Culinary academy students may have noticed a pattern across the last few decades of celebrities from other fields turning to the culinary arts for new professional endeavors. That trend seems to be manifesting itself around Southern Seattle in Rainier Beach, Washington, as Nate Robinson has recently opened a new establishment there, according to Eater. The restaurant, simply titled Nate’s Wings and Waffles, has a focus on chicken wings, waffles and southern sides such as sweet potato fries and macaroni and cheese.

Robinson, for those of you who don’t follow basketball, is a standout journeyman point guard. He has been in the NBA for more than ten seasons with a host of teams, and is best known for his “heart over height” performances. One of the smallest players in all of basketball, Robinson stands only five feet nine inches tall but has been the slam dunk contest champion three times.

Robinson grew up in Rainier Beach and attended college at the nearby University of Washington. He was first brought into the world of restauranting by Darren McGill, a local entrepreneur who started Happy Grillmore. Bringing Robinson on as an owner when the restaurant was still a concept allowed for specific and direct marketing of the local celebrity. With great food and the name of a hometown hero over the door, McGill and Robinson opened their chicken and waffles joint in late September 2014.

The restaurant is currently being staffed by a few members of Robinson’s family, with his mother, siblings and grandmother taking the reigns of the new establishment, according to NBC Seattle affiliate KING 5. Robinson’s brother, Anthony Stewart, joked in speaking with the news outlet about his family’s affinity for chicken and waffles.

“My nickname is actually ‘Chicken,’ my mom’s called me ‘Chicken’ since I was a little kid,” said Stewart. “We need somebody else in the family named “Waffles” and it will be all right.”

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