MTV Introduces Food-Centric Reality Programming

MTV is rolling out two new series that aim to provide a young perspective on food culture and could be a hit among online culinary arts program students.

One program, “House of Food” follows the format of a cooking school reality show. The premise is eight novice chefs living together in a house while attending classes to improve and perfect their craft. A contestant is eliminated each week until there is one winner remaining. The grand prize is an apprenticeship with a Los Angeles chef. The show targets a generation that was raised in the age of celebrity chefs, in a culture in which cooking is understood as a way of becoming famous. The show borrows its format from cooking reality shows like Top Chef, and has even hired Top Chef alum – Brooke Williamson – as a judge.

The other program is called “Snackdown” and is being produced by skateboarder-cum-TV personality Rob Dyrdek. The show will be hosted by Eddie Huang and also follows a competition-style format. Contestants will compete in snack creation challenges with the aim of winning the grand prize: inclusion in a Snackdown cookbook. Judges include model Chrissy Teigen and chef Jason Quinn.

Both of these food-based competition shows are new territory for MTV as they continue to develop programming that reflects the dominant youth culture.

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