Meijer’s Top 5 Foods Of 2013

Meijer stores provide a one-stop shopping experience for their customers, offering groceries and more. You may have strolled down the produce aisle while getting ingredients for your next dish and wondered who bought all that food. The company recently did a survey to discover which produce items were the most popular with American shoppers in 2013 and what will take the crown in 2014. Perhaps you can use some ingredients when practicing for your online culinary courses. Here are their results:

1. Nutrient-dense greens
Dark leafy greens full of healthy nutrients took the crown as the most popular produce in 2013. Kale, Brussels sprouts and salad greens were all whisked off the shelves, though bagged baby kale sales saw the most growth. In fact, sales jumped 200 percent since 2012.

Leafy green vegetables are packed with nutrients that help maintain a healthy waistline, as they are low in calories yet filling. Take a look at kale. This vegetable has tons of dietary fiber, protein, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Furthermore, it’s a great source of vitamins A, C, K and B6, calcium, copper and potassium.

“The popularity of bagged Power Greens is all about convenience – less time spent on washing, trimming and chopping,” Melissa Hehmann, Meijer healthy living advisor and registered dietitian, said in a statement.

2. Fresh herbs
The survey found that more consumers bought herbs in 2013, causing the plants to get runner up as the most popular produce. Fresh herbs elevate the flavor of any dish and are more pungent than their dry counterparts. Hehmann believes herbs were favored because more consumers are trying to find seasoning outside of salt. The popular preservative can cause high blood pressure when eaten in excess. Herbs don’t have that risk and yet bring flavor to food.

3. Portabella mushrooms
Portabella mushrooms, like kale, are nutrient dense. Eating one of these will get you fiber, vitamins and minerals. Their savory flavor and filling texture have made them popular with vegetarians looking for a meat substitute. Meatless Mondays, a trend in which families eat a vegetarian meal once a week, have become increasingly popular.

4. Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes have the starchy satisfaction that other potatoes have, only this variety is much healthier. A good source of vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes are easy to incorporate into a number of dishes.

5. Clementines
These tiny citrus fruits brought up the rear in the battle for the top 5 most popular produce items of 2013.

Produce in 2014
Meijer researchers believe that power greens will only continue to increase in popularity this year. Kale will open doors for more obscure varieties of leaf.

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