Mario Batali to open Boston restaurant

Mario Batali is officially coming to bean town to open his newest restaurant, Babbo Pizzeria, in an 8,700-square foot location at Boston’s Fan Pier. The Boston Globe has confirmed that Batali will indeed be opening the restaurant, but this news may be met with light skepticism by some folks on the eastern seaboard. Back in November of 2012, news emerged that Batali would be opening a restaurant in Boston, but it never came to fruition after an exhausting search for a suitable location. While some Bostonians thought this a slightly strange reason to postpone the effort, Batali indicated his considerable excitement for the new venue in an email to The Globe.

“We’re embracing the openness and brightness of the space but paying careful attention to construct beautiful, distinct and comfortable zones within the light-filled room,” said Batali in his email.

The new restaurant plans to feature three bars as well as an expansive patio and multiple private dining areas while still remaining smaller and somewhat less formal than Batali’s signature location in New York City. In terms of cuisine, the restaurant will specialize in wood-fired pizza and artisanal pasta dishes, among other things. Batali already has over 20 restaurants worldwide, and the move to Boston seems to be indicative of a growing appreciation for the food-centric community there. In particular, Batali seems confident that his specific location at Fan Pier, which he spent several years looking for, will be integral to the restaurants potential success.

“The area has already exhibited the critical mass necessary for the restaurant to thrive,” Batali told The Globe. “We think there’s a solid foundation there.”

With a location adjacent to the luxury condominium community at 22 Liberty, construction is just on the horizon, scheduled to begin in a few weeks, with an anticipated opening date before the end of the year.

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