Make Your Best Scrambled Eggs

When it comes to a dish that’s so commonplace, like scrambled eggs, most people don’t try to think outside of the box. However, as a culinary academy student, you’re probably constantly on the hunt for tips and tricks that’ll make all of your dishes better than the last. There are actually a surprising number of ways that you can enhance this breakfast staple. Here are some tips for the fluffiest and most delectable scrambled eggs:

Don’t cook your eggs too quickly.Don’t cook your eggs too quickly.

Don’t cook them too quickly
While you’re certainly hungry on a Saturday morning, you’ll regret rushing your breakfast when your eggs end up too dry. To get the perfect texture, preheat your pan and turn the flame down when it comes to actually scrambling your eggs. According to Bon Appetit, a perfect batch of scrambled eggs should take no less than a minute. Don’t rush it!

Don’t add the mix-ins too early
Eggs cook much faster than most add-ins, especially cheese. Make sure you don’t add cheese too early, or you’ll likely find that you just have a lot of burnt cheese stuck to your pan. When you’re adding seasonings, you don’t want to add them too early either. Salt and other seasonings will draw the moisture out of the eggs when they’re sprinkled in too early, leading to dry eggs.

Think about adding liquid
If you prefer fluffy eggs, you’ll want to add some form of liquid to the mix. However, not all liquids will give you the same results. According to Serious Eats, the higher the fat content of the liquid – like cream versus milk or half and half – the richer and firmer your eggs will turn out. Start with adding one tablespoon of liquid per two eggs and find your favorite combination.

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