Make Homemade Whipped cream For All Of Your Toppings

While there is no doubt that your homemade baked goods are fantastic, a dollop of whipped cream can always take a pie to another level. Though there’s no shame in doing this quickly with a handy can, nothing beats the flavor of homemade whipped cream. However, many beginning baking & pastry arts students find that their whipped cream comes out too watery or too thick, too sweet or too bland. Here are some tips for making whipped cream that will give your apple pie a run for its money:

Don’t try to go lite
​While in theory, it’s possible to make whipped cream with half and half or milk, for a healthier alternative there is really no point in doing so. A high fat content is actually necessary for the whipped cream to maintain its texture. It’s best to use whipping cream or heavy cream for this. You can add some creme fraiche as well to thicken it up even more. After all, you’re already eating dessert, so don’t skimp on flavor to save just a few calories!

“Undermixing is easier to fix than overmixing.”

Don’t overmix
It’s better to undermix than overmix, because you can always mix it more. However, if you do mix your whipped cream too much, you can add a little bit of extra cream to to the mix to thicken it up. Make sure you always have some left over, because overmixing is an easy mistake to make! Once your whipped cream mixture begins sticking to the beaters, stop mixing. You don’t want your cream to turn to butter!

Cold is king
Everything that can be cold in your whipped cream mixture should be. This includes the tools that you’re using. If you use an electric beater, put the mixers in the freezer for a little while, as well as the bowl you’ll be mixing in. You should also whip your cream on a low speed so your whipped cream doesn’t prematurely warm up.

Flavoring your whipped cream
If you want a sweet whipped cream, you can add granulated sugar or powdered sugar. However, granulated sugar can leave some grittiness if it doesn’t dissolve completely. Otherwise, a couple of dashes of vanilla extract or Amaretto can be all it takes to add a touch of sweetness to the cream.

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