Make A Pot Pie For Dinner

Many people are intimidated by the idea of making a pot pie. It’s usually the concept of preparing a crust that makes people shy away from the comforting classic dinner. While making a homemade pie crust can be a little time consuming, there are many other ways to do it  that are a little more foolproof. Try one of these easy methods and get a little more creative with your filling:

Pot pie crusts

  • Frozen croissant dough laid across the top of the filling.
  • Pieces of butter milk biscuit mixed with the filling.
  • A sheet of puff pastry laid across the filling.
  • Buttermilk biscuits covering the entire top of the pie.
  • Simply using a frozen pie crust.

Alternative fillings
Now that you have your simple pot pie crusts established, you can get a little bit crazy with your pot pie filling. While a classic chicken filling with peas, carrots and your other favorite veggies is always satisfying, don’t be afraid to change it up with some of these pot pie insides:

Lobster Bisque: Lobster bisque doesn’t just have to be an indulgent soup. Made with lobster tail, potato, carrot, and corn, in a creamy tomato sauce made with sherry, you can make one large lobster pot pie, or make them in small, individual ramekins.

Jalapeno Polenta: If you’re looking for something with a bit of a bite to it, consider preparing this jalapeno polenta pot pie. Instead of using a crust at all, it’s just baked with the creamy, cheesy polenta on top. The filling consists of bacon, chicken, peppers, squash and all of the spicy seasonings you need.

Three-Bean: Vegetarians shouldn’t have to miss out on all of the pot pie fun. This three-bean pot pie is made with cannellini, pinto and kidney beans. It’s a little bit sweet, with a bite, made with chili powder, cayenne, cocoa powder and brown sugar. For a pot pie experience unlike any other you’ve tried, opt for this recipe tonight.

Thai Chicken: The filling in this Thai chicken pot pie consists of only eight ingredients. That’s pretty impressive for a dish that usually consists of so much more. However, these ingredients offer all of the flavor you need. Made with red curry paste and lime juice, this pot pie is a little bit spicy and a little bit refreshing.

Mac and Cheese: There is nothing on this planet easier to make than these mac and cheese pot pies. Made with just mac and cheese, bacon, and your choice of crust, this is comfort food at its finest. Make your own secret mac and cheese recipe or opt for your favorite frozen brand.

Beet and Goat Cheese: These delectable pot pies are made with beets, egg, cream, seasonings and goat cheese, all beat together for a creamy, vegetarian-friendly pot pie. While the puree tastes great on its own, feel free to experiment by giving it a little bit of a crunch with some of your favorite nuts or by mixing some other veggies into the puree after beating it.

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