Mac and Cheese Recipes For Even The Busiest Nights

Even when macaroni and cheese isn’t that great, it’s still pretty darn good. What’s not to love about noodles covered in cheese? It’s quick and easy, and always there for you when you’re in a hurry. However, just because it’s great doesn’t mean that you don’t get tired of your go-to recipe or your favorite boxed mac. Next time you feel like some home-cooked comfort food, try one of these new ways to change up your mac and cheese.

Add some veggies
Sure, it may seem counterintuitive to add something healthy to your mixture of noodles and cheese, but you’re an adult now so it’s time you start incorporating some healthy ingredients into your mac and cheese. If you’re a fan of broccoli cheddar soup, add some broccoli to your mac and cheese, or if you enjoy spinach artichoke dip, throw some spinach and artichoke hearts into your dish. You can also dice up and roast some peppers, or even just thaw that vegetable medley in the back of your freezer and add that to your dinner for a more well-rounded meal.

Turn it into a new dish
Out of a bowl isn’t the only way to eat macaroni and cheese. Rather than settling for a spoon, replace the slices of cheese in your grilled cheese sandwich with your favorite cheesy noodle concoction. Mix the noodles with mashed potatoes, or throw them on top of a hot dog. Bake it onto a pizza. Mix it into an omelet with your favorite breakfast fixings. Just don’t ever say that you’re limited to eating mac and cheese by itself.

Throw in some meat
You can add any kind of meat that your heart desires to your macaroni and cheese. While the typical options include cured meats like bacon, prosciutto, sausage or pepperoni, there are no limits. Use strips of chicken breast, or even chicken nuggets if you want to recapture your youth. You can also cook up some ground beef to mix with your dinner, or even add some barbecue pulled pork for something new.

Switch up the cheeses
It doesn’t matter how lazy you’re feeling – put down that radioactive looking orange “cheese” packet and put some thought into the cheese you’ll be using for your dinner. If you’re adding different toppings to the mix, consider pairing your cheeses to complement the mix-ins. Use a salty cheese like feta to pair with mac and cheeses with spinach. Try something with a milder flavor, like cheddar or mozzarella when you’re incorporating a strong cured meat. Always be sure to use at least one cheese that melts into a creamy texture to ensure a creamy sauce and a satisfying batch of mac and cheese.

When all else fails… change the noodles
Always feel free to use a noodle aside from the typical macaroni elbow. Shells, bow ties, rotini noodles, or even spaghetti noodles can make a go-to dinner more exciting. Plus, certain varieties have more surface area, which means they’ll house more cheesy goodness.

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