Keeping Up With: Sushi Making, Filipino Food and Strawberries Romanoff

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Here’s what we covered:

3 Most Delicious Cities In America For Foodies
Not sure where to travel for your next vacay? When you’re not taking culinary courses online, experience delicious food first-hand in a city that is known for its one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering cuisine. [Read More…]


How To Make Strawberries Romanoff
Escoffier Online’s Chef Susie Wolak discusses how to incorporate Grand Marnier into America’s sweet new obsession: Boozy Desserts. Watch Chef Susie as she gives a cooking lesson on how to make strawberries romanoff with Grand Marnier. [Read More…]


Mastering The Art Of Sushi Making
With the help of an online culinary arts program, sushi isn’t just eaten at restaurants anymore, it’s a delicacy you can make right in the comfort of your own kitchen. [Read More…]


Filipino Food: The Rising Star In Of Asian Cuisine
Filipino food has come a long way since coming to America, and whether you are an online culinary school student or a self-proclaimed foodie, this is one genre of Asian food you cannot miss. When hundreds and thousands of Filipinos decided to immigrate to the United States after World War II, their food was served primarily [Read More…]

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