Keeping Up With: Salt, Chefs and Restaurant Openings

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Sorting Out Salts
In today’s culinary world, even something like salt is not a simple ingredient anymore. At one time, students enrolled in culinary and pastry school programs would have just reached for the nearest shaker of table salt, but with different varieties available on the market, the decision of which salt to use becomes a little harder. [Read More…]

NYC’s Hottest Young Chefs
There’s no doubt that New York City is one of the culinary academy capitals of the world. With streets full of restaurants, loads of cultural diversity and incredibly talented cooks all located in the same hub, the Big Apple gets more than its fair share of accolades when it comes to cuisine. [Read More...]

Austin To Open Its First Izakaya
Known as a Japanese pub, the izakaya is one of the most popular bar trends in the Far East. The red lanterns and delicious one-of-a-kind Asian flavors that come from these fantastic eateries are an exciting new dining trend that anyone in Texas culinary schools should be excited about, as Austin is getting its very [Read More…]

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