Keeping Up With – Chocolate Cake, Mini Desserts & Frankenburgers

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Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe
Chef Susie Wolak will demonstrate how to make Flourless Chocolate Cake step-by-step. For recipe and how to video [Read More…]

Can Oranges Curb Cravings?
Food is constantly proving to be a more amazing commodity every day. Whether it’s helping control health conditions, bringing people together or providing delicious sustenance for our bodies – food continues to be a major factor in everyone’s lives. Students in culinary school programs don’t need any extra convincing of this either. [Read More…]

Popular Mini Desserts
From mini cheesecake to miniature cupcakes, the trend of tiny blissful desserts has really taken off in the pastry world.  Today’s trendy mini pastries include cake pops, french macaroons and much more! Miniature desserts are typically made to be eaten in about 2-3 bits for those wanting to indulge in different kinds of desserts at once.  [Read More…]

Frankenburger Makes Its Debut
Scientists have finally done it. The world’s first laboratory-grown beef is ready to be sampled at a private tasting event in London and it costs about $330,000 per patty. While culinary academy students may initially feel hesitant to jump on the Frankenburger bandwagon, the faux beef patty may not be as fake as [Read More…]

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