Can Oranges Curb Cravings?

Food is constantly proving to be a more amazing commodity every day. Whether it’s helping control health conditions, bringing people together or providing delicious sustenance for our bodies – food continues to be a major factor in everyone’s lives. Students in culinary school programs don’t need any extra convincing of this either. Their connection to food is what drives their passion. A recent study conducted by the University of Leeds that was published in the journal Eating Behaviors has found that oranges can help dieters control their sweet tooth cravings.

In the study, women were divided into two groups. One group was asked to smell oranges while the other was asked to smell chocolate. Women who smelled the oranges tended to eat 60 percent less chocolate than the women who smelled chocolate. The scientists theorize that the relationship between smelling the oranges and eating less chocolate is that the scent of a diet food subconsciously reminds eaters to limit their intakes. It also probably helps that oranges happen to be not only delicious, but sweet and refreshing as well!

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