In A Pickle? Try Adding Pickles To Your Dishes

Having a few tried-and-true staples on your menu is a good way to keep your regulars coming back again and again. However, it’s also a good idea to entice your customers with fun changes to your lineup every once in awhile.

One way to bring diversity to your menu is to incorporate unique flavors that don’t appear elsewhere. For example, online culinary students know that pickles can bring new dimension to a dish, and it doesn’t just have to be a spear laid aside a sandwich. Pickles can be a primary focus of a dish, offering sweet, sour, vinegary or bitter flavors not found in other toppings.

To rotate some pickle-centered items into your menu, consider these exciting dishes:

Cuban sliders

A perfectly constructed Cuban sandwich will delight your customers. The combination of deli meats, mustard, Swiss cheese and, of course, pickles creates a deliciously complex flavor. Turn this meal into a shareable plate by making Cuban sliders. Start with soft Hawaiian rolls and smearing yellow mustard on both halves. Add Swiss cheese and pickle slices. Complete the sandwich with deli ham, pulled pork and Genoa-style salami.

Serious Eats pointed out that some people may counter that the Genoa does not belong on a genuine Cuban sandwich. To please a wide range of opinions, offer a combination of a few Cuban slider sandwiches to choose from.

Cuban sliders are delicious and a great way to introduce more pickle-centered recipes to your customers.Cuban sliders offer a unique way to bring pickles into shareable plates for your customers.

Barbecue pickles

Not all your dishes come with pickles, but they all can when you offer barbecue pickles on your side menu. These can complement any burger or sandwich by offering a zingy side dish. To make barbecue pickles, Leite’s Culinaria suggests starting with a big jar of pickle chips. Reserve some of the juice, then drain and rinse the chips. Mix the reserved juice with sugar, cayenne, garlic and hot sauce. This is your pickle’s new marinade: Let them sit and soak in the flavors for a couple days, then serve cold.

Pickle poppers

Jalapeno poppers are a classic addition to any appetizer menu. These bite-sized pieces of creamy, spicy, fried goodness are a long-time favorite. But as great as they are, there’s always room for an interesting modification. Try replacing (or complementing) your popper selection with pickle poppers.

To begin, core your pickle spears and fill with a creamy cheese. Host the Toast recommended a cheddar and horseradish cheese blend, but any spreadable cheese with a pop of flavor will work – experiment with different cream cheeses with spicy or savory flavors blended in.

Next, bread the pickles. Egg roll wrappers work well, though you can try different breadings like bread crumbs or flour mixtures. Pan fry the breaded and stuffed pickles, then serve with a spicy mayo dip.

Pickled peaches

Pickle recipes tend to focus on veggies, but that doesn’t mean your favorite fruits aren’t delicious candidates for pickling. Country Living explains how peaches can be turned to an irresistible dish using aromatics and vinegar.

Heat water, white vinegar, sugar, whole cloves and cinnamon sticks in a pot until boiling. Reduce to a simmer, then add your whole peaches. Cook until the peaches are soft and can be stuck easily with a fork (don’t stick too many, though, to retain the appearance for your guests).

Once thoroughly cooked, transfer the peaches into canning jars and fill with the brine. Be sure to evenly distribute the cloves and cinnamon sticks among the jars. Check that all fruit is completely covered with the liquid; don’t expose any of the peaches to air. Tightly seal your jars and let the peaches transform into tangy-sweet edibles for up to eight weeks. Then, serve as a dessert alongside vanilla ice cream, or as a topping for savory dishes like fish tacos or salads.

Pickling foods at your restaurant will take patience (and probably some experimentation) but in the end, you’ll wind up with uniquely delectable flavors your customers will love.

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