How to Roll & Cut Pasta

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There’s a reason that the word homemade, at least when it comes to food, usually means better than anything bought in a store. Rolling and cutting your own pasta can seem like a serious time commitment but is relatively easy and non-time consuming once you get the hang of it. Electric mixer and pasta rolling machine, or not, it takes very little to make yourself some delicious homemade pasta, the best way to get the most out of your dish. And even though you have to put a little more effort in compared to the pre-made, pre-packaged, store-bought stuff, the homemade noodles more than make up for it in savory taste and tender texture. Whole wheat or semolina, making your own homemade noodles can bring an entirely new way to look at that standard pasta dish.

In this online video cooking course, learn how to easily roll and cut your own pasta. Dry it, store it and save it for later days or give it away as gifts! The dish is the limit with this marvelous “how to.”

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