How To Make Tofu

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There are some culinary creations that seem too obscure or difficult to be able to make at home. Like tofu, for instance. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who thought for the longest time that it was created in a science lab rather than a kitchen. But oh how wrong we were! All it takes it a bit of time and a couple of steps to create homemade tofu. That’s it. And did you know that tofu is actually made by curdling soy milk? Those curds bond to each other and when put into a store-bought or homemade press, creates the dense, delicious meat alternative we have all grown to love. No more bank breaking tofu purchases for you. Once you’ve done it, you will become hooked on making your own.

Don’t be intimidated by how complicated homemade tofu might seem. Once you’ve followed along with our online cooking school chef with this recipe video, homemade tofu can be forever be yours!


1 lb dry soybeans
4 tbsp magnesium chloride

Directions For Soy Milk:
1. Soak soy beans overnight in cold water; make sure to change the water a few times. Puree the soy beans in a blender or food processor. Adding 1 cup of beans and three cups of water for each batch, run each batch in the blender for a couple minutes. Place the coarse soybean mixture into a pot and heat to a slow simmer for about 10 minutes. Place a colander and cover with a kitchen towel into a large pot or bowl. Pour the hot soybean milk into the towel to strain the soybean milk. You may need to force the soymilk through the towel once the milk has cooled.

Directions For Tofu:
1. Stirring frequently, heat the strained soymilk to 180°F remove from the heat source.
2. Dissolved the magnesium chloride into ¼ cup of water before adding to the heated soymilk.
3. Pour the mixture into the heated soymilk a little at a time.
4. Line a colander with cheese cloth to strain the tofu, you may need to add some weights to extract all the liquid.

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