How to Make Nougat Montelimar

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Straight from the rolling meadows and lavender fields of the Provence region of France, Nougat Montelimar is a French delicacy. This egg-white based nougat is full of roasted almonds and pistachios and delicately sugared with fragrant honey. It’s sweet, soft and chewy with a complimentary crunch. The egg, honey and sugar mixture is beaten and whipped into beautiful, scrumptious oblivion, then poured and cooled until ready to eat. This is not the same nougat you’ve come to know in certain popular American candies. Fine attention to detail, proper equipment like a standing mixer and candy thermometer as well as a nougat load of concentration is a must to pull this off successfully. Also, it’s good to know to stay away from this recipe on high humidity days. We wouldn’t want all your hard work to go unpaid in delicious honey nut chews!

In this live, online pastry class with Chef Susie, we learn to make our own version of this scrumptious French candy.


3.5 oz Water
12.36 oz Sugar
6.2 oz Glucose
6.2 oz Honey
2.2 oz Egg Whites
4.5 oz Whole Almonds
1.75 oz Hazelnuts
.6 oz Pistachios
1.75 oz Dried Cherries
2 tsp Indian Curry



  1. Combine water, 300g sugar and glucose and boil to 297 degree brushing down the sides as needed.
  2. When it reaches 297 degrees add honey and boil again to 297 degrees.
  3. Whip whites and 50g sugar until soft peaks form.
  4. Drizzle the syrup down the inside of the bowl while it is running on low speed.
  5. When all the syrup is added turn up to high speed and whip for 1 minute.
  6. Switch to a paddle and beat at medium high speed for 5 minutes.
  7. Meanwhile combine nuts, cherries and curry together and spread pn a sheet pan and place in a preheated 300 degree oven until warm, remove from oven and keep warm.
  8. Stop mixer and take a little mixture and submerge in ice water and stretch it out. When cold, hit the piece softly with finger or utensil and if it shatters, it’s done. If it doesn’t continue to mix.
  9. Dust a table with powdered sugar and pour candy on top. Sprinkle in nuts, cherries and spice mix with a bench scraper. Fold them in.
  10. Spread out on a ¾ inch rectangular dish and let cool.
  11. When cool, cut into pieces of your desired size.
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