How To Make Consomme a la Brunoise

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One of the main reasons soup is such a great meal idea is because it’s so darn easy. Half the time you just have to throw everything in a big pot and turn the burner on. It’s that easy to learn to cook. Consomme a la brunoise is quite possibly one of the easiest soups out there. And don’t think that detracts from how delicious it is. With tons of yummy tasting and flavor packing vegetables like turnips, carrot, leek peas and green beans this one is far from lacking. The thing that really gives this dish the extra kick is using the consommé as opposed to a broth or stock. To refresh your memory, a consommé varies from a stock in that it has been clarified using egg whites to remove fat and sediment. So it’s even a little healthier! The other big kicker in this recipe is the white leek, which adds a gorgeous flavor to just about anything you put it in. Seriously, leeks are one of the best vegetables out there. Similar to an onion or garlic, the leek is slightly sweeter and less abrasive to the senses so its mellow flavors pair really well with other ones. Such is the fact for this soup, which has the nice balance of the leek and onion help bring the entire thing together. Oh, and one musn’t forget the power of the turnips, one of Earth’s best root vegetables.

So, if you’re in the mood for an easy, healthy and totally titillating soup, follow this recipe for consommé a la brunoise. This online cooking class will sure give you a favorite new soup recipe!

Consomme a la Brunoise
2 oz carrot
2 oz turnips
2 oz white leek
2 oz celery
1 oz onion
5 cup small green peas
5 cup green beans
Chervil for garnish
1 gallon consommé

  1. Heat consommé in a large sauce pan.
  2. Blanch and shock vegetables separately.
  3. Add vegetables and ladle hot consommé, garnish with chervil and serve.
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