How To Make A Seared Watermelon Carpaccio

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If you’re a fan of watermelon like us, you have the date it comes in season marked on your calendar. And if you’re also a fan like us, you try to incorporate it into just about everything you make. With its striking similarity to tomatoes (which are also a fruit if you needed a reminder), watermelon works incredibly well in a number of savory dishes. Watermelon bruschetta, salsas, tarts, caprese salads—the list is endless. That’s why we dreamed up this watermelon carpaccio—a vegetarian take on the classic Italian appetizer. We’ve subbed the raw beef for thinly sliced watermelon that’s been seared to create a delicious caramelized crust. Paired with fresh basil, balsamic reduction and crème fraiche, this dish can be a starter, a side or even dessert. So, follow along with our online culinary class instructor and watch as he shows you how to make this savory seared watermelon carpaccio.

Seared Watermelon Carpaccio

1 small watermelon
2 tbsp sugar
8 oz balsamic vinegar
As needed sea salt
As needed white or black pepper

The key to this dish is choosing a perfectly ripe watermelon: not too firm but not too watery.

1. Peel and cut watermelon into large planks.
2. In a dry pan, sear watermelon planks until desired color is achieved.
3. Remove melon, add sugar and balsamic to pan, deglaze and reduce to desired consistency.

*Garnish with balsamic reduction, crème fraiche, pickled melons and fresh mache.

Garnish the seared watermelon with melon balls, balsamic reduction, creme fraiche and fresh mache.

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