How Should You Brew Your Coffee?

Your fresh pastries from your baking courses online are sure to satisfy everyone in your home. But sometimes, what a dessert really needs is a delectable cup of coffee served alongside it . Some people consider themselves “coffee snobs,” while others are totally cool with enjoying a cup of diner Joe. If you’re not sure where you fall, or would like to upgrade your diner coffee, here’s what you should know about the different ways to prepare your java:

Pourover coffee is becoming popular once again.Pourover coffee is becoming popular once again.













Drip coffee maker

Chances are, you have a drip coffee maker somewhere in your home. Whether you use it every morning or it’s hidden away in a cupboard, it’s the go-to method of preparing a cup of coffee for either yourself or a group of people. However, it’s not typically a favorite amongst coffee fanatics. a drip coffee maker typically requires a strong roasted coffee. It gets the job done, but isn’t anything too glamorous. The biggest benefit of drip coffee is the fact that you can make multiple cups at once.

Coffee cone
The handy thing about a coffee cone is that it requires very little cleanup. It’s also the least expensive way to enjoy a cup of coffee. Simply boil water in your tea kettle, put your favorite ground coffee into a filter in your coffee cone and pour the water in a slow, circular motion over the grounds. Let the water soak through for about a minute before slowly pouring more in until your coffee cup is full. It can be a bit time consuming, but coffee cone coffee is guaranteed to supply you with a satisfying brew!

French press
French presses are the ultimate coffee option for people on the go – or people who just can’t wait to pair their favorite brew with a freshly baked scone. French presses are almost as easy as a drip coffee maker, but requires a little more cleanup. These presses are shaped like a pitcher, with a springed press inside. Put the grounds and hot water in the pitcher, allow them to steep for a few minutes – the longer the wait, the stronger the brew – and push down the strainer to keep the grounds out of your cup. This is the ultimate way to control how strong your coffee will be. Maybe you’d like a nice jolt of energy in the morning, but something a little mellower with dessert.

According to Paste, the Chemex was invented in the 1940s, but has made a comeback in recent years because people love the smooth smooth and rich coffee. Chemex coffee makers need a thick filter to keep the fatty oils that alter the taste of your brew out of the finished product. Then, you slowly pour hot water over the grounds and let it seep through the grounds, leaving you with a robust and enjoyable cup of coffee.

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