How culinary arts students can help the hungry

As online culinary school students, it’s important to bulk up a resume with more than just academic and work-related experience. Employers like to see well-rounded candidates with a passion for their careers. Volunteering is a fool proof way to improve your own happiness and the happiness of others, while also showing an interest in humanitarian causes related to the industry. What better way for students taking culinary school online to show their passion for food than dedicating their time to ending hunger?

Hunger statistics
Feeding America, an organization dedicated to feeding hungry Americans, found in a 2014 study that over 46.5 million Americans are living in food-insecure households. Of those millions, one in seven uses resources provided by the organization. The median income of Feeding America’s client households is only $927 per month, translating to less than $12,000 a year! People suffering from hunger are often forced to sacrifice payment to and stability in utilities and even housing. The same study did not fail to take statistics on hungry soldiers. Approximately 20 percent of homes using the program’s support houses one or more active duty or veteran military personnel. Americans affected by hunger also have health issues, with many reporting high blood pressure or diabetes.

How you can help
Taking steps toward a happier and healthier lifestyle for yourself and your community is easier than you might think. September is Hunger Action Month, a national campaign to spread awareness and raise volunteer efforts around the country. Fortunately, it’s simple to volunteer as there are many ways to help end hunger in your area. Feeding America recommended advocating to your state and local politicians to visit local food banks to see how hunger affects their community. Another organization dedicated to ending hunger, Feed More, suggested adding their orange logo to your social media sites to help raise awareness of the problem. Both organizations recommended holding a food drive at your local school or office. Feeding America even gives detailed instructions on how to launch your own virtual food drive. Pledging to raise money for food banks or national organizations are easy and selfless ways to support the cause as well. Also feel free to pop into your local food banks to see if they need help or check online to see what events they’re hosting to participate in National Hunger Action Month.

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