How breakfast differs from country to country

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Most online culinary school students won’t argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it provides energy and prevents overeating at lunch. However, not everyone in the world eats eggs, sausage links and toast for their first meal of the day. In fact, breakfast meals can differ greatly from one country to another. Let’s take a look at what other cultures eat for breakfast:

Mexico is known for its flavorful dishes, so it’s no surprise that its typical breakfast foods are filled with delicious spices. According to Mr. Breakfast, Mexicans enjoy eating spicy egg dishes like huevos rancheros, which are made of eggs, salsa and tortillas. Mexican cuisine also include plenty of fruit in their breakfasts such as mangos, papaya, guava and bananas. A typical Mexican breakfast can’t be complete without a cup of java. The coffee in this tropical country has a bright acidity and overtones of chocolate, so it may taste a little burnt at first.

Breakfast foods in Russia tend to be simple yet filling. According to, many Russians like to start off their morning with a bowl of kasha (a type of porridge), eggs or tvorog (a dairy product similar to cottage cheese). Russian people, of course, can’t go without their tea, so they normally have a cup (or two!) at the breakfast table.

A typical French breakfast isn’t as rich as breakfast meals served in other European countries, according to HealthGuidance. In fact, most French people just eat slices of bread with jam or butter. On special occasions, families like to enjoy freshly baked croissants, whether they’re plain, covered in jam or dipped in coffee bowls. The French also like to eat sliced fruit and yogurt during breakfast time.

Germans like their breakfast foods hearty and rich. points out that a normal breakfast there consists of plenty of bread with several different toppings (like marmalade, honey and butter), cheese and sausage. Younger people, however, tend to gravitate toward cereals because they take less time to eat. When the weekend rolls around, some German people like to cook up eggs for their family members.

A normal Vietnamese breakfast is unlike anything most Americans are used to eating in the morning. According to the Food Network, many people in this Southeast Asian country like to eat pho soup for their first meal of the day. This flavorful soup is made with broth of roasted beef or chicken bones, noodles and various toppings like bean sprouts, chilis, fish sauce and onion.

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