Help Ring In Spring With Fresh Thai Cooking

When chefs make the decision to attend international cooking schools, experimenting with the complex flavor palates of different cultures is something to look forward to. In 2013, ethnic tastes are at the forefront of the culinary world, as trained chefs look for new ways to showcase the tastes of the world. This year, if you’re looking to add freshness to your food, try using your online cooking class skills to make a signature Thai meal.

“The focus is balance, with bright flavors like lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves,” Elaine Wilson, a personal chef, told Postmedia News. “The food is fresh, light and uber-healthy… But it’s also the pleasure of eating in community. Everyone eats from a communal plate in Thailand. Everyone shares the food, and it just tastes like sunshine and happiness.”

Now that the weather is getting warmer, dabbling in cuisines that showcase spring flavors like Thai can be a great experience. With traditional dishes including red and green curries, crunchy green mango and prawn salads, hot and sour soup and coconut-based broths, the possibilities are endless in this delectable culinary style.

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