Graduate Spotlight: Personal Chef In The Making

Online Culinary Graduate Sets Out To Become Personal Chef

Escoffier Online sat down with Pat Ives, a recent graduate of the Online Culinary Arts program, to discuss her journey and experiences within the program and how she has since been able to advance her new career. Prior to enrolling in Escoffier Online, Pat had spent a great amount of time searching for an online culinary school that was capable of accommodating the time requirements of her full-time job, at the time. Because time and money were both important factors to Pat, and knowing that a large institute was out of the question, she ultimately enrolled with Escoffier Online in May 2012 due to it’s affordability, as well as the Escoffier credible name within the culinary world!

Since graduating and beginning her new career as a culinary professional, Pat stated, “The Escoffier Online program was everything I needed to go into my new career, which is a personal chef. I have developed a lot of menus and skills where I feel comfortable cooking for families. It is everything I needed on my resume. What I thought was just going to be ok, turned out to be a totally great experience. I am very happy to have it on my resume!” 

Today, Pat’s journey has begun and she has set out to be a personal chef. Hear her story:

We thank Pat for sharing her journey with us! Check out more of our student spotlight stories and student reviews to see why our students chose online training and where they have ended up after completing the online program!

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