From High School Student To Aspiring Chef: Michael Day Spotlight

When Michael Day’s teacher Julie Knighten introduced the Escoffier Online pastry arts program into her Holdenville High School classroom, we’re sure he had no idea what to expect. But a couple of assessments into the program and it was clear to Michael that he had found something he enjoyed. On top of the interesting assignments, Michael was pleased to find how easy it was to navigate Escoffier Online’s curriculum and how the topics ranged from classic European pastries like crème brulee (his personal favorite) to cheesecakes and cookies. More than what he learned from the program was what the program gave to him: a passion for the pastrty arts and the ability to work in a professional kitchen straight out of high school.

We sat down with Michael to talk about what he liked most about Escoffier Online, why he liked online learning and what he plans to do with his newly acquired certificate.

Escoffier Online: What were your top three favorite parts of the program?
Michael Day: I enjoyed learning about Auguste Escoffier, baking methods, practical lab experiences and, of course, eating!

EO: How did you feel it helped you learn the pastry arts?
MD: The online academy broke the lessons into easy to learn steps. From cupcakes and frosting to European cheesecake and specialty baking items, they were easy to learn.

EO: What was your favorite assessment?
MD: I never knew there was a difference between European and American cheesecake. Of course cheesecake differs from New York, Chicago, and regional Southern favorites. Crème brulee is my favorite dessert and my favorite assessment.

EO: How do you think this will help with your cooking and baking in the future?
MD: The course has taught me skills that will make me employable in the pastry arts industry. I look forward to my career.

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EO: What did you think about the online curriculum?
MD: I thought the curriculum was fun and my learning was successful.

EO: What did you like most about learning online?
MD: The online program is accessible 24/7. Also, Chef Susie was great! She was always there to encourage and lead us on to more success.

EO: What do you think you benefited from most with the Escoffier Online program?
MD: The program has provided me the chance to work in a professional kitchen.

EO: Why would you recommend this to other high school students?
MD: For high school students, the program gives you a chance to learn professional skills and [earn a certificate] at the same time.

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