Forbidden Rice Is Great For Taste And Health

Found in bulk bins in many organic food stores, forbidden rice is a hot new food trend that many people are using during their time at culinary schools.

You can tell just by looking at this dark-hued carb that it’s a bit different from the others. Popular in Asian cuisine, this rice got it’s name centuries ago in China because it was so delicious and luxurious that only the emperor was allowed to eat it! Thankfully today, many people in online cooking courses can now add this flavorful carb to their favorite dishes.

Forbidden rice is also a beautiful accent to any cuisine. Before the rice is cooked, it is black. However, once the rice begins to boil, it turns into a deep shade of royal purple. This makes it look beautiful alongside green and red veggies.

Need another reason to pick this up at the grocery store? Forbidden rice is chock full of anthocyanins, which have been found to protect the body from cancer, inflammation and nerve disorders, according to It’s one of the healthiest carbs you can put in your mouth, so what are you waiting for? Include forbidden rice in your next recipe as soon as you can!

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