Escoffier Culinary Schools Celebrate the Next Generation of Culinary Arts with Special Evening in Chicago

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 01, 2015

On May 5, the Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy and the Auguste Escoffier Schools of Culinary Arts will host a major culinary event at Baffo Restaurant located at 44 East Grand Avenue in Chicago. School executives along with top advisory board members, students, and world-renowned chefs will gather to explore the future of culinary education.

Since its launch in June 2012 as the first-ever 100% online culinary school, Escoffier Online through its culinary and pastry arts programs, has already helped thousands of students fulfill their culinary dreams of learning to cook and bake in a uniquely global and affordable digital environment that offers unprecedented convenience without compromising quality. Learning based on an equal focus on business management and entrepreneurship as well as classic method and technique, graduates of Escoffier Online have gone on to become sous chefs, launch catering businesses, and more. During the event, founder Jack Larson will discuss the success of the program and provide updates including its new online Certificate in Culinary Arts, courses in Spanish, and expanded partnerships with schools and businesses.


In addition to Escoffier Online, Mr. Larson will discuss the Auguste Escoffier Schools of Culinary Arts located in Boulder, CO and Austin, TX. The schools are pioneers in sustainability and have the first registered “Farm To Table®” educational program in the United States.

Special guest Michel Escoffier, the great grandson of Master Chef Auguste Escoffier and president of the Escoffier Museum and Foundation in Villanueve – Loubet, France will be in attendance to induct the newest members into the esteemed Disciples d’Escoffier including Michael Pythoud, Executive Chef of Walt Disney World; Chef Kevin Gawronski, American Culinary Federation Master Chef; Bob Saiz, Chief Operating Officer and President of Triumph Higher Education; and Chef Austin Yancey, Owner of Elite Personal Chefs and Chef Instructor at Escoffier Online.

Other celebrated guests include the school’s distinguished International Advisory Committee members: Jeremiah Tower, food author and ‘Father of American Cuisine;’ Mary Chamberlin, President and Founder Les Dames d’Escoffier International, Monterey Chapter Group; Candy Wallace, Founder/Executive Director of American Personal and Private Chefs Association; Michel Bouit, President and CEO of The World of MBI Culinary Consultant, and Randall Sansom, Executive Chef and Chief Academic Officer, Escoffier Culinary School. master chef 1

About Escoffier Online
The Escoffier Online Culinary Academy is the first-ever online culinary school, offering professional culinary training for aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike, via a convenient web-based platform. Inspired by the world-renowned Escoffier name, Escoffier Online offers a comprehensive curriculum of cooking techniques and fundamentals. Escoffier Online has been approved and recognized by a number of leading culinary organizations, including the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Chicago Chefs of Cuisine Inc., the American Personal & Private Chef Association, and others. Escoffier Online was launched by Triumph Higher Education Group (, a leader in vocational educational programs.

About the Auguste Escoffier Schools of Culinary Arts
Auguste Escoffier Schools of Culinary Arts offer professional culinary arts programs based on the methods, principles and systems of Auguste Escoffier, the international culinary icon and the source of modern cooking. Students have the opportunity to learn history and context directly from the Escoffier family, as well as from expert chef instructors.

The Schools’ Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts certificate programs offer rigorous industry skills training as well as grounding in the standards of professionalism and excellence sought by employers. Campuses are located in Austin, Texas and Boulder, Colorado.


About Disciples d’Escoffier International – USA
The Disciples Escoffier International is the premier gastronomic society established in France to maintain the good name and traditions of French Cuisine. The goals of the Disciples Escoffier International are to honor the memory of Auguste Escoffier, in France and worldwide, promoting and preserving his work and maintaining the great culinary traditions; to promote culinary education and apprenticeship encouraging young people to discover the desire and motivation to work as a professional chef. The Disciples Escoffier International continues to work in close cooperation with schools, establishing contacts between professionals and students; to organize culinary events worthy of these traditions; to honor those in the culinary profession who work to maintain the high standards of French haute cuisine and to unite all Disciples Escoffier from around the world and in the true “Esprit Escoffier”.

Today, there is a worldwide membership of more than 20,000 that includes a large membership in France China, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Benelux, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Thailand Germany, South Africa, Morocco, Russia and the United States. It is in this spirit that the Disciples Escoffier International – USA strives to develop a national membership, establish a culinary scholarship fund and continue its charitable endeavors.

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