Dirty French opens in New York City

Restaurateurs Rich Torrisi, Mario Carbone and Jeff Zalaznick, known for their Italian enterprises Parm and Carbone, have officially opened their first non-Italian venture, Dirty French. Under the label the Major Food Group, the trio is known for creating sophisticated and intimate dining environments that take Italian cuisine to the next level. The Major Food Group has been expanding quickly and even opened a restaurant in Hong Kong earlier this summer. Having now solidified themselves as purveyors of both classic and contemporary Italian cuisine, the trio opened Dirty French in New York City to re-invent the food of another culture. The menu at Dirty French takes classic French cuisine and looks to embolden the flavors, which contributed to the restaurant’s name.

Dirty French
Located in the Ludlow Hotel, Dirty French was a collaboration between the chefs behind Major Food Group as well as Sean MacPherson, the hotel owner. Torrisi, Carbone and Zalaznick gained inspiration for Dirty French while traveling to regions of the world that spoke French and enjoying variations of French cuisine. When creating the menu for Dirty French, the trio drew culinary elements from the food of New Orleans and Morocco as well as France.

In an interview with Food Republic, Zalaznick explained, “I often compare it to the concept of a dirty martini. It’s taking something that’s very classic and very pure like a Parisian bistro, and you’re infusing it with big, bold flavors. Which is a comparison to vodka being a very pure, clean spirit, and you’re hitting it with this briny, salty juicy liquid. What is created by adding these big bold flavors to classic dishes — because when you read the menu, it reads all classics.”

The trio looks to take traditional Parisian bistro food and make it edgier, with bolder spices and flavor palettes, including a modern look at French rotisserie.

The hotel restaurant has decor fit for an extravagant ski lodge, complete with enormous chandeliers, numerous plush sofas and cozy leather booths. Exposed wood beams add to the lodge-style aura, as does a large stone fireplace. The space also includes an ornate cocktail bar with 11 signature drinks crafted by Thomas Waugh of ZZ’s Clam Bar. The kitchen of Dirty French can be viewed from the cocktail bar and lounge.

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