Culinary trend: Coffee coconut water

Any member of the culinary academy can tell you that industry trends are constantly evolving. Whether it's aesthetic ideals for presentation or implementing little used ingredients, chefs, farmers and food producers are always trying to perpetuate an air of culinary innovation and sophistication. So it should be no surprise, in light of the rise of both coconut water and third wave coffee, that several companies have thought to combine these two delicious beverages in one bottle. 

Coffee coconut water 
According to Food Republic, the idea for blending coffee and coconut water is likely related to the Bulletproof Coffee craze. This brand of coffee combines ghee, unsalted butter produced by grass-fed cows, and coconut oil to your normal cup of Joe. Lauded by numerous celebrities, Bulletproof Coffee has been embraced somewhat negatively by java aficionados. The drink takes away from the flavor of the coffee itself, which goes against the mantra of many third wave roasteries. 

However, brands such as Harmless Harvest, a highly renowned coconut water company, have taken note of combining the flavors of coconut and coffee. According to Yahoo, Harmless Harvest uses a blend of 100 percent raw and organic coconut water and fair trade, organic coffee. The bottled beverage is initially launching in Whole Foods Markets across the U.S.

"This project leverages the hydrating and nutritional properties of our coconut water with the uplifting buzz of coffee," said Justin Guilbert, Harmless Harvest co-founder in a news release. "Our 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water with Fair Trade Coffee is an energizing, hydrating refreshment with no added sugar, dairy, or preservatives. The flavor is incredible, balancing rich, smooth coffee notes with the lightly sweet, nutty flavor of our coconut water."

Harmless Harvest's newest drink will be sold exclusively at Whole Foods for three months before it is offered to other retailers. The company has gained a strong reputation for its environmentally-friendly practices and commitment to quality. Harmless Harvest is the first Fair for Life Fair Trade producer of coconut water in the U.S. Though this hybrid libation may seem somewhat peculiar, Food Republic notes that it's ideal for a morning workout, as the coconut water provides hydration while the coffee will give exercisers a much needed jolt. Coconut water continues to become a trending commodity, and has been praised for its health merits. 

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