Consider buying these stand mixer attachments

If you have a stand mixer you are one step closer to being able to do a million things without needing unnecessary appliances. While you could own a juicer, pasta press and meat grinder, there is no need for these extra items. Instead, you can purchase easy-to-use attachments that hook up to your mixer. No more tangled cords and cupboards dedicated to the ice cream maker you use once a year. While studying cooking schools online, you may have a reason to use the following attachments:

Rotor slicer/shredder
Using a grater to shred veggies and fruits can be a pain – it is time consuming and can even be dangerous. Plus, we've all accidentally sliced ourselves when the carrot we're shredding gets a little too short and we end up running our finger along the sharp holes. If you enjoy a fresh carrot cake or some tasty veggie bits on salads and in soups, you may want to consider getting a slicer and shredder attachment for your mixer. It will save you time and possibly your fingertips. Look for one that is dishwasher safe for super easy cleaning.

You don't have to be a health and fitness not to own a juicer. While they do allow you to make some tasty post-workout concoctions, they are also super helpful when you want to make a special citrus marinade or even fancy alcoholic beverages. You can use a juicer to get fresh, sugar-free popsicle base and even to make a nutrient-packed drink for days when you have a cold or need a little energy boost. Plus, a juicer attachment is much smaller and less expensive than a full-scale electric juicer. You'll be saving money and room in your pantry with this handy add-on.

Pasta press
You don't understand good pasta until you've had it freshly made. If you're looking to take your spaghetti to the next level, try a pasta press attachment to make your own noodles at home. Not only will it allow you to make perfect pasta in no time, you can use it as a hanger as well, freeing up the counter space that the dough would have taken up had you done it all by hand. Don't just make egg noodles, try adding fun ingredients like dried tomatoes and spinach. These simple additions can make a big difference in the taste of your meal. The attachment is also great for chefs who want their pasta pieces to be perfectly uniform. Instead of carefully cutting them by hand, the machine will do it for you, allowing you to spend your energy elsewhere.

Food processor 
The two main appliances that many people have for cooking are a standup mixer and a food processor. Did you know you can combine the two? With a food processor attachment, you don't need a second appliance. You can attach the processor to the head of your mixer and select the blade setting you want. Use it to shred cheese, grate onions, julienne zucchini, whatever you need chopped into tiny bits without having to do some serious knife work by hand. 

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