Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Sadly, we can’t all have an industrial kitchen, especially if you live in an apartment. While it may be a hassle trying to store all of your appliances, pots, pans and various kitchen utensils, we all know that there’s just no way we’re going to give all of those things up. If you’re a culinary academy student with a less-than-ideal kitchen situation, you’ll want to know these tips for storing all of your favorite kitchen supplies.

Install pegboards: Attach small pegboards to the insides of your cupboards to hang small items like spatulas, potato mashers, spoons and wine keys. You could even attach a large one to a wall with space for big items like pots, pans and colanders.

Utilize the space above your cabinets: This is a great area to store bulk items like paper towel or seldom-used appliances like a salad spinner or blender. If you wanted to make the area more aesthetically appealing, consider placing baskets that match the kitchen on top of cabinets for storage.

Put a rod beneath your sink: Hang your dishwashing gloves and spray bottles on it. This leaves you space beneath the sink to fit more unseemly objects like sponges, dishrags and cleaning products out of sight.

Use magnets: Use magnets to hang knives on the wall or spices on your refrigerator. In fact, you can use magnets to store pretty much any metal object in clever places. Get creative!

Get containers for your snacks: Storing your snack foods and baking ingredients in plastic containers will not only keep them fresh longer, but also allow you to stack them with ease. This will save you space while also giving your kitchen a nice, put-together look.

Shelves on shelves on shelves: Add wire shelving units to your cabinets to utilize more space. Fix small shelves to the sides of your cabinets. Line the ceiling with shelves. Put a little shelf above your doorway. You can put shelves literally anywhere, and they always come in handy.

Consider a fold-down table: If you live alone or with just one other person, use your counters to prepare your food and eat at a little table set for two. This gives you a lot more room to move around your kitchen while you’re cooking because you can just fold the table back up into the wall!

Hang things from the ceiling: Install hanging baskets for your fruits and vegetables or get a sturdier fixture to hang your pots and pans from the ceiling.

Get a kitchen cart: If you have one of those weird, empty spaces in your kitchen beneath the counter that doesn’t really seem big enough for anything but a garbage can, consider a small rolling storage cart. You can pull it out when you need it and roll it back when you’re done. Store your trash can under the sink instead.

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