Unclutter Your Kitchen Utensils With These 3 Organization Hacks

Knowing the location of tools like your tongs or spatula can make all the difference when you have to quickly adjust, stir, or flip food as it cooks. Keeping these essential items at the ready is one way to ensure meals come out at the right level of doneness and looking beautiful. That’s why it’s so important for anyone interested in attending online culinary school or just preparing great dishes at home to keep the kitchen well-organized.

If you struggle to find a convenient spot to store all the cooking utensils you use on a regular basis, here are some tips to help.

1. Install a hanging rack

One of the best ways to keep things orderly in the kitchen is to look up. With a hanging rack above the stove, you gain instant access to your most-used pots and utensils. Use S-shaped hooks to secure items like saucepans, strainers, and wooden spoons.

Instead of buying a rack at the store, you can get creative by constructing your own over-the-stove storage solution. A Beautiful Mess suggested crafting one out of wire mesh rebar. You’ll also need industrial wire cutters, a power drill, and hooks in various sizes to build your rack. The effort will pay off with inexpensive, convenient storage.

Hanging storage is convenient and saves space.Hanging storage is convenient and saves space.

2. Sort into containers

While you may love having your favorite whisk hanging on the wall, you’ll need to go beyond the rack to store all your other utensils. With some planning, you can place those items in containers that make it simple to always find what you need. One way is to set them in clear mason jars that create a rustic look. Secure the jars to a wooden board, as suggested by The DIY Playbook, and you’ll have a cool organizer.

Don’t just place your utensils in containers haphazardly. Split them up into categories that make sense for the way you cook. For example, one jar might contain your collection of tongs, including both stainless steel and silicone-tipped models, plus a pair for pulling pasta out of boiling water. Another can be devoted to an offset spatula for baking, a fish spatula to turn hot food, and a rubber spatula to fold batters. With your selection readily visible, you can be confident you’ll always have the right utensil for the job.

3. Take advantage of all your storage space

Don’t be afraid to re-purpose or add on to your existing storage areas. Place an organizer on a pantry door for easy access to everything from knives to a cheese grater. If you have a deep kitchen drawer, put in some adjustable dividers or form compartments using wooden pegs.

One of the most important parts of learning to cook is knowing what tools to use for every job. When you get your kitchen in order, you can be confident that you’ll always have the utensils you need to prepare amazing dishes within easy reach.

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