Classic Knife Skills

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Are your knife skills just barely slicing the surface and you want to cut a little deeper? Although anyone who knows basic cooking may have some idea how to chop a fruit or vegetable, knife cuts go further than the typical, “try to get to a general uniform size.” There is an art to kitchen blade skills that goes far beyond minced, roughly chopped and diced. It is about consistency in any dish you’re preparing, from the simplest side salad to a more complicated dish. Whether your goal is to cook professionally or just better your general culinary skills, any chef will tell you that knife cuts are an essential part of running a successful kitchen.

Artfully shred basil, chop the tiniest cubes and perfect that julienne technique by watching today’s online knife cuts lesson. In this tutorial on classic knife cuts, you learn basics such as all sizes of diced, chiffonade, brunoise and battonet. So, don’t just hack up those veggies. Dress them to impress by perfecting your knife expertise.

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