Check out these 4 foodie Instagram​ accounts

Instagram is not just a place to post a selfie​ a day and check up on your friends who are getting married and having babies. It's also a great place to show your photography skills and even let the world see a bit of the amazing food you're cooking in your time at international cooking schools. Who has time to search through all those feeds to find really inspiring foodies to follow? We do. Here are four Instagram accounts to follow if you want to garner recipe ideas and have your mouth water:

1. @Utosh
For those who enjoy well-organized plates of beautifully-plated food that can be found in Tokyo, @Utosh is your man. He was born and raised in Nagano, Japan, and makes a living as a graphic designer. With his shots of gorgeous "pizza toast", pour-over coffee and seriously tasty-looking ramen, it's probably a safe bet that he is a great designer. You'll take another look at your own food arrangements after checking out this account.

2. @alifewortheating
If you like travel and adventures, Adam Goldberg's Instagram account is a great place to find both your love of good eats and far-away places. This editor of Drift Magazine and Ambrozia Magazine is always posting a new dish from an interesting locale. One day he'll share a picture of horiatiki salads at Greecologies in New York, and the next he's jetted off to enjoy a four-plate lunch spread at Maize del Mar in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. His posts are colorful and mesmerizing, but not always of food. He does deviate to post shots that he takes while traveling – and a whole lot of latte art. 

3. @julieskitchen
Is your kitchen a perfectly clean, well-organized oasis? Do you like looking up new ways to store utensils and dishes on the Web? Are you slightly OCD, but in a totally good way? @julieskitchen will satisfy your need to organize when you scroll through her feed of perfectly arranged, color-coordinated foods. One shot contains only items on a red-orange spectrum, with pumpkins, sweet potatoes, oranges and peppers all laid out in a semi-chaotic yet Zen way. Not every post is a laid-out masterpiece like this one, but every shot showcases a perfectly proportioned, well-formulated grouping or place-setting of foods. You'll be hungry and feel less stressed by simply browsing @julieskitchen's feed. If only doing the dishes were that easy…

4. @farmert
Do you spend your time dreaming about farmers market season, longing for a glimpse of fresh chard and crispy green sprouts? @farmert does too. His feed is almost entirely produce, with occasional shots of bold flowers or places that he finds interesting. Photos of stacks of blueberry containers, a lone tomato plant and a pile of well-lit beets will have you pining for summertime in a hot second. You may even get some gardening ideas from the shots of the many veggies available at Jackson Family Farms. The artist, Tucker Taylor, considers himself a culinary gardener. You may want to become one too after seeing the beauty and fresh ingredients in his life. 

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