Appetizers For Your Holiday Parties

Are you looking to change it up this year when it comes to your contributions to all of the forthcoming potlucks. Are you tired of spinach and artichoke dips and Charcuterie plates? There are plenty alternative appetizer recipes that are quick and simple, and will have everyone at your get-together asking for the recipe.Try serving one of these up at the next gathering you’re invited to:


  • Chickpea and Mint Crostini
    This refreshing spread only requires seven ingredients and can be made up to a day in advance. On a table full of cheese dips, people looking for something a little healthier will take solace in this crostini. With the mint and pomegranate seeds, it even looks like something to serve around Christmastime.
  • Cranberry Dip
    This cranberry dip only takes a few minutes of preparation and a night in the refrigerator. Then you have a yuletide dip that gives guests with a sweet tooth something to snack on before the meal is served.
  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
    Try adding roasted red peppers and cayenne pepper to your go-to hummus recipe. This will give it more of hot, sweet flavor than the standard garlic flavor. This delectable dip can be served with pita bread or even cinnamon pita chips.


  • Candy Coated Pecans
    These candy coated pecans are great for that pre-meal chitchat that takes place around the dinner table and in the living room. Fill a few bowls with candied pecans and watch them disappear before the meal is served.
  • Caprese Bites
    This tiny caprese salad on a toothpick is adorable and will have people visiting the appetizer table again and again. These caprese bites take such little time to make, yet they are so aesthetically pleasing on an appetizer tray.
  • Feta Cheese Bites
    Feta cheese rarely makes an appearance at holiday gatherings. These bites only need five ingredients and about 20 minutes of preparation. They can easily be made in advance and frozen until they are ready to cook. It might even be handy to keep these on deck in the freezer in case for any event that comes up.

Mini desserts

  • Cream Puffs
    Sometimes there are just so many tasty looking desserts at parties that you can’t stick to just a piece of pumpkin pie or a slice of cheesecake. These bite-sized cream puffs are tiny and guilt-free, so you can just grab one alongside your decadent dessert.
  •  Mini Bananas Foster
    These bananas foster bites take a little bit more preparation time than everything else on this list, but the satisfaction you’ll have when they are the first desserts gone will make all of that work worth it. This recipe is a way to enjoy bananas foster without having to indulge too much.
  • BIte-Sized Cinnamon Buns
    Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like cinnamon buns? Cinnamon is one of those tastes of the season that guarantees a hit at any holiday party. Especially if they are as small as this, guests can just pop them in their mouth on their way past the dessert table!
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