A Guide to Cooking Bacon

Bacon was probably one of the first things that you learned how to cook. There’s nothing more simple than taking that delicious meat out of the package, slapping it on a skillet and waiting for it to perfectly crisp. As a kid you probably ate it alone, alongside your eggs or maybe on a sandwich and called it a day. Now that you’re an adult who probably likes to experiment with new ways to prepare your favorite foods, here’s an exciting revelation: that’s not the only way to cook bacon. Try one of these methods next time you want a BLT:

In a waffle iron
Little do many know, bacon doesn’t have to be very greasy. In fact, one of the best methods of eliminating excess grease from your bacon is to cook it in a waffle iron. Since the waffle iron has so many little nooks, when the bacon is pressed flat, all of the grease naturally drains to the bottom – away from the meat itself. If you’re looking for a semi-healthier method of cooking your favorite splurge food, try this!

On a grill
If you’re already cooking on the grill, this is a great way to tackle two tasks at once, rather than having to dirty up a skillet in the kitchen. If you’re cooking burgers, steaks or any other sort of meat, you’ll utilize the hottest area for that, and cook your bacon on one of the cooler areas, since it’s thinner and cooks so quickly. This method allows your bacon to take on a smokier flavor than it would on the stovetop.

In a skillet isn't the only way to cook bacon.

In the oven
This method is a lifesaver if you need to cook a lot of bacon at once in a short amount of time – like if you’re having a group of people over for brunch. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil, and place the strips of bacon on it. About six slices will fit on the average cookie sheet, and your oven can probably fit about four cookie sheets in it. This means that you can cook 24 slices of bacon in the span of just 20 minutes, and you won’t have to let anything get cold. Since the bacon is cooked on tin foil on a cookie sheet, all you have to do is crumple up the foil after the grease has hardened, making the clean up extremely easy.

In the microwave
The idea of cooking bacon in a microwave doesn’t appeal to most people, but it’s actually quite quick and simple. All you have to do is lay a strip of bacon on the backside of an upside down bowl, and put it on top of the plate to catch the grease. Set the microwave for about a minute, and you have yourself a crispy, dry piece of bacon with minimal cleanup. It’s perfect for a quick snack or to throw on a sandwich when you’re in a hurry.

With chocolate
No matter which of the above ways you decide to make your bacon, take it one step further and drizzle some melted chocolate on it. The combination of salty and sweet is a time-honored favorite and one of the ultimate ways to improve upon something that’s as delicious as bacon. Make a large batch and put it in the fridge so the chocolate hardens. This is a great snack to eat on its own or pack in a lunch to take to work.

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