7 Ways To Brew a Great Cup of Coffee

These days coffee brewing is becoming an art. There are so many ways to create a rich cup of coffee based on technique and regional location. If you attend cooking school online you may want to know about the different preparation options of many foods. Here is a roundup of ways to brew coffee:

Basic methods
Filtering – If you have a traditional coffee machine you are familiar with the filtering method of preparing coffee. This involves putting your coffee grounds into a filter and pouring hot water over the top while it drips into the pot below. The filter method can also be done without the machine.  All you need is a handheld filter called a sock that you add the grounds to before pouring boiling water over the top. Just like tea you let it steep for a few minutes then remove the filter.

Pressurized – Espresso coffee is made by forcing hot water into the grounds with a pressurizes system.  There are stovetop espresso kettles that work by turning water into pressurized steam that hits the grounds and travels up into a reservoir that holds the strongly brewed coffee.

Steeping – Nowadays, French press coffee makers are becoming more popular. They use the steeping method, which is similar to making tea. To make coffee this way, the user adds coarsely ground coffee to a French press and pours in boiling hot water. You steep the coffee for four minutes or more and push down the press to filter the coffee grounds from the water.

Boiling – Boiling is another method of brewing coffee. This type of brew is made by adding the grounds into boiling water. This method isn’t recommended because it can cause the coffee to take on a bitter flavor.

Instant – Instant coffee is another method to make coffee. The grounds in this case are crushed into a powder that dissolves when combined with hot water. Most coffee aficionados prefer traditional brewing methods.

Regional preparations
Vietnamese – There is a small filter pot (flat drip) used by Vietnamese people that sits atop your coffee mug. It contains places to put your grounds and water. A favorite way to enjoy this brew is to add condensed milk for a sweet flavor.

Turkish – Turkish coffee may have the most interesting-looking brewing contraption. It’s a tiny pot with a straight handle called a Ibrik. You add ground coffee with water and heat it over the stove with sugar. The result is a dark, strong-tasting coffee.

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