5 Creative Ways To Use Mangos This Summer

Mangos are a refreshing, delicious treat, whether they are on their own or incorporated into a unique recipe. While the National Mango Board states that mangos are typically available year-round, most people will find that mangos are most frequently available during the late spring and throughout summer.

There are many ways to enhance a recipe by adding mangos, which contribute a nice texture and subtly sweet flavor. Here are five creative ways to incorporate mangos into your summer recipes:

Mango salsa
Mango salsa is the perfect addition to any summer gathering. This delicious recipe takes a traditionally spicy and savory snack and adds an entirely new element. Mango salsa can also be used to enhance dishes like fish tacos or grilled chicken. Keep your mango salsa simple by using a few ingredients – notably mangos, avocados and cilantro – or try something more complex. Simply Recipes has a mango salsa recipe that uses lime juice, jalapenos and red onion.

Mango chutney or aioli
Burgers, sandwiches, grilled chicken, seafood and even salads take on a complex taste when mango is incorporated. Mango chutneys are typically thicker and may add a sweeter element to your dish. On the other hand, mango aiolis are creamier and add a savory element to any meal.

Frozen mango treats
Students who are enrolled in online pastry courses may be especially interested in learning to create frozen mango sweets and treats this summer. Ice cream, popsicles, Italian ice and smoothies are iconic summer treats, and can all be transformed with a touch of mango. Frozen yogurt is no exception, and Food52 provides a recipe for delicious mango lassi-inspired frozen yogurt.

Refreshing beverages
Perhaps the most well-known mango drink is the mango lassi. The Guardian reports that mango lassi originates from the Indian subcontinent, incorporating yogurt, mango and flavorings to create either a sweet or savory beverage. Beyond the mango lassi, mango can be incorporated into refreshing summer beverages including mango daiquiris, mango iced tea or the mango-mint limeade recipe provided by Food52.

Healthy salads
Salads are delicious as a side dish or entree, and adding mangos will make your salad both delicious and substantial. Try using quinoa and savory greens such as arugula or kale as the base, then add mango chunks along with your favorite salad toppings. Since mango will add a sweet element to your salad recipe, try using a vinegar-based dressing to create balance. Spicy dressings and toppings will also create a unique flavor.

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