5 chicken wing recipes to add to your cookbook

Like muscle cars and baseball, chicken wings are a hallmark of American culture. For one, wings do big business: As CNN Money reported, there’s 20 wing-centric restaurant chains in the U.S., accounting for 2,000 total restaurants. The biggest day for wings, though, is Super Bowl Sunday. In 2015, folks consumed an estimated 1.25 billion wings for the big game, notes the National Chicken Council. Though buffalo wings appear to be a favorite, there’s plenty of varieties offering new zest to a culinary classic.

Teriyaki wings
Unlike their buffalo counterparts, teriyaki wings offer a far more sweet taste. True teriyaki refers a specific cooking style, a method which emphasizes broiling food. Even still, there is a preferred sauce base, a recipe that includes the use of soy sauce, sugar and one of two sweet rice wines, either sake or mirin. As Japanese Cooking 101 notes, anyone opposed to using sake or mirin can instead use a sweet fruit juice like pineapple or orange. Before applying the marinade, though, always apply a basic rub of garlic and salt.

Sriracha honey wings
For those who like wings with plenty of spice and heaps of sweetness, the Sriracha honey wings are a great combination. Originally concocted in Thailand, Sriracha is made from chili peppers, sugar, salt and garlic. What really helps balance its flavor with honey is the introduction of red wine vinegar, which bridges the gap between the candy-like honey and the profound spiciness of Sriracha. Depending upon preferences, play around with the ratios of each ingredient to find that perfect flavor balance.

Thai red curry wings
Keeping with an international bent to wings, the Thai red curry wings are an interesting take for several reasons. These wings come roasted, which not only cuts down on cooking time, but makes for a much crispier meat. It’s also a great base for the curry flavors at work here. The lemon, soy sauce and honey offer plenty of tang, which works well with the crunchier meat. And though it brings the heat, the Thai red curry paste is also plenty smoky, lending even more nuance to the chicken itself.

Crispy Cajun wings
Cajun food is known for a mix of earthy flavors and more subdued spices, and these wings are no different. The power of these wings lies in the rub itself, a lively medley of thyme, oregano, cumin, paprika and two kinds of peppers, black and cayenne. The key is to let the chicken marinade in the sauce for eight hours, which makes for truly flavorful wings. As Meatwave notes, it’s possible to further modify the rub by adding in either Worcestershire sauce or hot sauce, which make for a more flavorful spice.

Ramen-crusted wings
More than just the food of choice for cash strapped college students, ramen is a great addition for wings. On the one hand, the crunch of the noodles, which are used to make a rich batter, creates a dish akin to fried chicken. Additionally, ramen comes in a variety of flavors, from seafood and mushroom to spicy beef and cheddar cheese, opening up a new realm of options for wing aficionados.

Experiment with your own unique wing recipe when you enroll in culinary academy.

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