4 Tips For Making Silky Smooth Milkshakes

There is something almost timeless about the milkshake. It readily evokes images of both quaint dinners and days spent at the boardwalk, memories that help to instill feelings of peace and nostalgia. It’s as much a comfort food as it is a kind of priceless piece of American history and culture. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to whip up one of these tasty frozen treats, and it’s often about the ratio of ingredients and the quality of the ice cream. Grab your extra thick straw, here are just a few tips for making the tastiest milkshakes this side of the malt shop:

Use less milk
Despite being called a milkshake, you actually want to use less milk in your recipes. Why? Too much milk can leave the shake overly thick, resembling something closer to ice cream instead. On the flip side, not using enough milk can result in a shake that has little to no consistency, akin to a kind of sugary syrup. In order to try and find the right amount, pour the milk into the blender bit by bit. This will give you a much better idea of how much milk to use with subsequent shake recipes.

Quality is important
Not all ice creams are created equally. Some brands have specific recipes, and even basic flavors like chocolate or vanilla can taste drastically different depending on the company. Additionally, ice creams can also have varying levels of thickness, which can effect the final shake. Your best bet is to use higher quality ice cream, and a flavor that features as many natural ingredients as possible. Having less of a fat or sugar content can go a long way into both the flavoring and how well your shake mixes together.

Get creative
Generally, you only need ice cream and milk in order to whip up a frosty milkshake. However, don’t be afraid to experiment a little with some add-ins, as these will only enhance the natural flavor of the finished product. Some popular choices include crumbled cookies, bits of brownies, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and chocolate chunks. However, it’s important to try and use natural ingredients; for instance, fresh strawberries taste much better than any strawberry-flavored syrup. Even something like vanilla beans can really spice up the most ordinary vanilla milkshake.

Ice or no ice?
In addition to both milk and the other add-ins, using ice or not can effect both the taste and quality of your milkshake. You’ll want to use ice if you like what are called, conveniently enough, icy milkshakes. These are shakes that are a lot more thick and dense, kind of like ice cream. For milkshakes that are softer and smoother, skip the ice entirely and pour the ingredients directly into the blender. If you do opt for ice, though, just be aware that you’ll never need more than a handful of cubes.

Whip up plenty of milkshakes when you enroll in culinary academy.

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