22-Year-Old Accomplishes Dream And Opens Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Shop

Trish Motter, a 22-year-old recent graduate of Millersville University, recently accomplished her lifelong dream. After attending an ice cream course at Penn State, she felt she learned what she needed to know to open an ice cream shop. That is how Half Pint Creamy was born.

Motto will offer customers fresh, hand-dipped ice cream. According to FoodBeast, some of the flavors will include espresso, which is topped with chunks of chocolate, and maple bacon, which is covered with salted pork and actual syrup. There is also the popular moose tracks concoction that comes loaded with all types of caramel and chocolate goodies.

The raspberry cheesecake has bits of cookies broken over the top and jam swirled throughout. However, the cookie dough is a must-try as it has large balls of the batter on top of the ice cream, and has chocolate chips sprinkled on it as well.

Motter also makes treats for the furry friend in your life. Her Puppy Love line has yogurt-based frozen sweets for your dog. According to the source, Half Pint Creamy is set to open in March in Hanover, Pa. If you take baking courses online and discover a food item you love, jump head first in the endeavor and let it help you reach your dream.

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