Trust us. Trussing is the way to go.

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Before we start we should probably clear up what trussing actually means. You know those strings you have to remove from your rotisserie chicken? That’s trussing. And although it may seem like a pointless step to ensure that your bird looks pretty, it actually has a number of practical uses as well. It helps make sure all the bits of the bird cook evenly. It helps keep the bird from losing all its juices, which is important, because no one likes dry chicken or turkey. It does look prettier when served but more importantly than that, it’s easier to carve.

That’s about four reasons why you should tune in to this online cooking class on how to truss poultry.

Trussing Poultry:

Butcher’s twine

Your choice of poultry


1. Remove the organs from the poultry, if any.

2. Place center of twine under chicken, near bottom.

3. Wrap it around the legs.

4. Pull tight to bring legs close together and ensure cavity is almost closed.

5. Wrap the twine around the wings to pull them close to body.

6. Tie twine into knot and remove excess string.

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