‘Top of the Pontch’ to Open in Detroit

Students in Michigan enrolled in culinary school online may have already heard of Top of the Pontch, a forthcoming and highly anticipated restaurant in Detroit. The establishment was initially slated to open on Sept. 1 and then again on Sept. 9, with both of those dates coming and going. Though the explanations offered for the multiple delays have been somewhat hazy, executive chef Justin Vaiciunas has indicated that his building crew experienced numerous hang-ups when it came to permitting the final steps of construction. Nonetheless, it seems as though the delays may not have a negative impact on the initial success of the restaurant, as many had suspected. When speaking with the Detroit Free Press, Vaiciunas made quite clear that seats in the new eatery remain in high demand, indicating that they are nearly sold out for the next two weekends. Top of the Pontch takes its name from its location atop the scenic and historic Hotel Pontchatrain in central downtown Detroit. Part of an effort to help bring back the city, the restaurant will feature minimalist white decor and panoramic views of downtown and the waterfront. Model D Media has reported that, while the restaurant will feature a range of cuisine, there will be a particular emphasis on eastern dishes. “Most of my dishes are Japanese-inspired: clean with lots of color,” said Vaiciunas. “I want them to be just as visually striking as they are uniquely flavorful, so presentation is just as important to me.” The restaurant will be one of three new restaurants to first open its​ doors during the upcoming Detroit Restaurant Week, a celebration of local culinary prowess. In addition to Top of the Pontch, Craft Work and Ottava Via will also be opening.

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