The Modern Gastropub: Serving Great Food And Drinks Is A Rising Trend

It used to be that bar food – like hot wings, burgers and nachos – were considered sub-par for chefs taking online cooking courses. However, bellying up to the bar has become more of a fine-dining affair than ever, according to Food and Wine magazine.

Gastropubs have become part of the culinary arts in recent years, making pub food an experimental and high-class affair. Places like Blue Dragon in Boston, an Asian-infused pub, and Trenchermen in Chicago, whose dishes include bacon-cured sweetbreads, have changed the way that culinary trends are moving.

Having eclectic and modern dishes in a bar setting is changing the fabric of cuisine in the United States, seeing as more people are able to afford these dishes and enjoy a round of drinks with friends without the fancy price tag. It’s also changing the way that traditional bar food is being made.

For example, Blue Dragon’s head chef, Ming Tsai, took a traditional sloppy joe and turned it into a slider. But it doesn’t stop there. The slider also includes hoisin and ginger and costs only $1. As cocktail-friendly dishes become more popular, the era of the gastropub appears to be here to stay.

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