Student Spotlight: Charlton Chambers

Charlton is a graduate of Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy and is currently working as a function chef in the industry. We hope you enjoy his story!

Charlton Chambers photo 6As a young man growing up, I always found myself in the kitchen with my mom. That’s where I develop a passion for cooking. I started cooking professionally at the age of 18 at a five star hotel in Jamaica known as Sandals Negril. There I worked with a lot of talented chefs who I have learned a lot from. Working there the chef saw the love I had for cooking. There was an opportunity for two chefs out of eighty seven to be chosen to do a kitchen management course and I was highly selected as one of the candidates. In 2004 one of my friends said to me “my boss overseas need a good guy like you to work for him, are you interested?” I said sure, there I worked as a range cook over the years and I have worked so hard that I have been promoted to function chef and presently working in the USA and Jamaica.

I have been searching along time to find a culinary course that I could do without having to stop from working and at the same time wasn’t too pricey. I was on Facebook one day and saw this ad about earning your culinary diploma from your home, so without any hesitation I click on it from there and I contacted Ms. Sarah Larson. She was so helpful with all the information I needed and she kept on following up on all my calls. From there I did my own research on the school and the information I found pushed me to enroll. Having a diploma from a school like Escoffier would mean so much to me and would get me a step closer to where I want to be in my career.

Now that I have finished the online culinary program I don’t want to just stop there I want to keep on the same path. Keep on working hard to make my dream a reality and to make my mark in the culinary world. My culinary plans for the future are to one day have my own restaurant and be a successful restaurateur. I would also like to advance on my culinary arts skills; I have a passion and love for fruits and vegetable carving.

Charlton C.
Graduate September 17, 2012

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