Rum Making A Cocktail Comeback In 2013

Thanks to TV shows like “Mad Men” and the current obsession with all things vintage, old-fashioned cocktails have become a staple in restaurants and bars across the country.

Even in casual restaurants, these drinks are beginning to grace menus large and small. To stay on pace with your culinary academy training, it’s important to stay informed about beverage trends, as they are an integral part of a guest’s meal.

You might think that sipping on a rum drink, such as a daiquiri, is best left to tourists on a Caribbean cruise, but this tropical liquor has grown up, become more sophisticated and is set as a staple in 2013 drink menus everywhere.

“I’m seeing way more daiquiris lately because rum is making a comeback. It’s such a simple drink and it’s delicious and there are just three ingredients: White rum, lime juice and simple syrup.” Brian Means of Fifth Floor in San Francisco told Food and Wine.

Staying on top of drink trends is one of the smartest things you can do as a budding chef in online cooking courses. Not only do people appreciate a well-made cocktail, but it will also help you pair your courses more efficiently.

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